How To Upgrade Your PS4 Games To PS5?

The new PS5 is around 1 month away now and there are many questions about it these days. With Xbox saying that they will provide a free upgrade to the Xbox One games in their new Series X console, Sony has decided to follow a similar path as well.

In Sony’s case, there is no official name for the feature. It also has not been cleared whether the players be able to get this feature for free or not.

But Sony has provided an instruction on their website to address this issue. Today, we will be looking at that instruction and seeing the actual process with which you can upgrade your PS4 games to PS5.

Where can you read the instructions?

If you want to read the instructions yourself then visit the PS5 support page on Sony’s website and you should be able to find the information quite easily. The instructions on the site are pretty complicated though. We have made it a bit easier for you to follow in this article.

More Information on the upgrade

how to upgrade ps4 games to ps5

There are a few things that you need to be aware of during the upgrade:

The PS5 comes in two variants; Digital edition and a slightly higher priced Blu-ray edition with the optical drive. For using your PS4 game disk, you need to buy a PS5 with the optical drive. Almost all your PS4 disks will run in the PS5. But, How is this an upgrade, you might be asking? Well, the thing is, games will run better in the PS5. So, instead of playing God of War at 4K Checkerboard 30 fps, you can play it at native 4K 60 fps.

So, what about the digital version? If you have any games on PS4 that you have bought digitally then, you can redeem the game on the PS5 via the PlayStation Network. Every game you own digitally on the PS4 will be available to you on the PS5. It is that easy.

Another important thing to remember is that you can play PS4 games on Blu-ray PS5 as long as your PS4 disc is inside the drive. But, if you own a game digitally in the PS4, you can play those in the Blu-ray version as well.

Not all games will support the upgrade. Some games will play as it is in the PS5 while some games such as Spiderman will get an actual graphical upgrade on the PS5 system. You can also download upgrade patches for disc-based games from the PlayStation store.

As far as upgrade support goes, it depends on the developers. If the developers decide to give you a free upgrade on the next generation of consoles then, it’s their call. Most developers are looking to provide a free upgrade. If you own FIFA 21 on the PS4, you can get a free upgrade on the PS5 for this game.

Even if you don’t get a free upgrade, you can always play all your PS4 games at better resolution and frame rates on the PS5. This is because PS5 is totally backward compatible i.e. able to play most of the games from the PS4. Sony claims that almost 90% of PS4 games are playable on the PS5.

Another cool thing is the ability to transfer saves. So, if you are playing Red Dead Redemption on the PS4 and you have completed 50% of the game, you can transfer the save file from your PS4 to the new PS5 and resume playing from the middle of the game. This is one of the coolest features to ever come out on a console.

You will also be getting 18 free PS4 games as a part of the PS Plus Collection when you buy the new PS5. So, all the great PS4 games will be available to you with the console. All you need to do is get a PS Plus membership.

How To Upgrade Your PS4 Games To PS5?

Using the Disc Drive

  • The first thing you need to do is sign in to your existing PlayStation account (account from the PS4). If you had never owned a PS4 then, create a new account on your PS5 console.
  • Now, insert the PS4 game disc that you want to play. After inserting the game disc, go to the game hub for PS4 games.
  • Look to see if there is an upgrade offer or not. If there is a free upgrade for the game, select download for downloading the update patch. If there is no free upgrade, you can basically install the game from your disk, and with your disk inserted, play the game!
  • When the upgrade download is finished, you can play the game. Keep the game disc inserted though. You will need it to play.

PS4 to PS5 Upgrade With Digital Copy

  • For digital copies, you need to do the same thing, just create a PS5 account or login with your PS4 account.
  • Now, you need to find the game that you own. Insert the redeem code for the game to prove that you actually own the game digitally on your PS4.
  • When you have done it, see if there is an upgrade for the game or not. If there is an upgrade, download it.
  • If there is no upgrade, just download the base game and now, you can enjoy your game on the PS4.

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The PS5 will be a very impressive console. The backward compatibility feature was much needed and now Sony has provided it to all the PS gamers. You will be able to enjoy all your PS4 games at the much better quality on the PS5. There will also be a lot of new games coming out for the PS5 system itself. So, buying a new PS5 will be totally worth it. Don’t forget the 18 free games you are getting too!

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