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5 Best DNS Servers for PS5 (Fastest Only)

Problem finding the best DNS Server for PS5 which is also Fast? Than this article will help you to find it out. We have listed only working and fasted DNS servers.

In addition to the hype, there are many questions as well. Now, we know about the hardware side of things but we have no idea about the software and network.

While the major speculation is that the PS5 will support the latest wi-fi technologies and high-speed LAN connections, it is not yet proven.

Another equally important thing is the ability to enter a custom DNS. We don’t know if Sony is going to give us this option as they did with the PS4.

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Well, it could happen though so, today we will be looking at some of the DNS servers that you can use when the PS5 comes out later this year.

Before this be prepare by knowing how to change DNS on ps5.

dns serer for ps5


Best DNS Servers for PS5

With everything out of the way, now let us focus all our energy to the actual DNS servers that you should check out.

We have searched the web and then listed out the fastest DNS servers that you can possibly use for your PS5. They are given below:

1. OpenDNS

opendns for ps5

OpenDNS is a DNS server founded by Cisco. It is a public DNS that is absolutely free that offers services such as very high speed, website blocking, parental control, web filtering, and most importantly, the server stays up all the time. It runs 24/7 most of the time.

There are two plans of this DNS; free and commercial. The free plans include all the features of the commercial plan with one exception.

The commercial plan allows you to view the history of your internet activity for 1 year.

It can also enforce a bit better parental control than the free version.

The OpenDNS server is very easy to set up as well and once the PS5 comes out, you can set it up just like you would set up the DNS for PS4.

2. Cloudflare

The Cloudflare DNS doesn’t boast any extra features like OpenDNS but it focuses on the basic things and boy, it is great at that.

The fundamentals such as speed, security, and reliability is all ticked by this DNS server. With servers all around the world, Cloudflare is able to connect to the websites much faster and in a much safer way.

This DNS server is considered to be the fastest DNS server in the world.  Privacy is yet another focal point of Cloudflare.

The DNS server never sells your data to feed to ads which is a very important thing.

The Cloudflare DNS also doesn’t save your download logs so, that is one thing that is very good about this DNS service.

3. Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a DNS server that is dedicated to unblocking sites and geographical restrictions.

It can be used especially with streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Streaming Sites geo-block the content due to various reasons.

For example, you can’t access all the content from America if you have an India based Netflix account.

The same thing happens with the PlayStation. The number of games available to the Japanese market is not the same as the American market.

But this DNS server can help you unblock those games and you can enjoy them even more! The DNS is also free, same, and marginally secured so, we definitely recommend it.

4. Google Public DNS

Probably the most famous DNS in the world. Google’s Public DNS is the best DNS in terms of managing speed with security. It is very safe and can connect to any server easily.

It has the backing of a company like Google so, the service is always online. You don’t have to worry about the servers going down.

And even more importantly, Google Public DNS is easy to use, install, and just very great at what it does.

5. Quad9 DNS

The Quad9 DNS is an impressive DNS server and it is one of the most growing services in the world.

The DNS server was started in 2016 but it has already gained a good reputation. This DNS server is for the young audience who need high-speed connections and this is what the service does.

It provides high-speed connections even if it means the security isn’t that great. While the security isn’t that bad here, it is certainly not on the level of Cloudflare and Google Public DNS.

Anyway, this DNS server gets the job done and we recommend it to everyone who is buying a new PS5.

Why would you need a DNS server for the PS5?

A DNS server will speed up the lookup of the websites. It will find close and uncrowded servers and establish a stable connection. This is the reason why a DNS server is required for the PS5.

When the PS5 comes out, a lot of people will want to connect to the PlayStation Network to download and play games. This will create server issues.

Having a proper DNS server can definitely help you out. So, let us now see some of the best DNS servers that you can potentially use for the PS5 but before that, it is very crucial to understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of the DNS server.

Pros & Cons of DNS Server for PS5


A DNS server is very important and will provide you massive benefits if you use them correctly.

But, if you don’t have the proper knowledge and use any DNS server without checking it properly then, you are pretty screwed! Anyway, here are the benefits and drawbacks of DNS servers :


  • DNS servers help to establish a reliable connection and also increase the bandwidth even if your network is congested.
  • DNS servers are very important for the security of your network. Most DNS servers are designed for enhancing security and to ensure that all the attempts to hack your system are somewhat reduced.
  • DNS is the backbone of the internet. Even when you are not using a custom DNS, you are still using a default DNS provided by your ISP and that helps you to browse the web.
  • A custom DNS could help you unblock the websites blocked by your ISP. This is one of the major reasons why DNS servers are so popular in the world.


  • Not all DNS servers are secure. There are many DNS servers that provide security but some of them have very bad security.
  • Best DNS servers are generally paid. If you want the best DNS server with lightning speed connectivity then you would need to pay for it. But, there are pretty good DNS servers that don’t cost any money.
  • Most hackers use DNS servers to hide their IPs so, if you are connected to a DNS server with a lot of hackers then, you might get hacked. This is why you need to use a trusted DNS server with good security.

What is the best DNS for PS5?

There are lots of DNS servers for PS5, picking the best server will make your gaming experience very good and smooth as well.

Here is the list of best DNS for PS5:

  1. OpenDNS
  2. Cloudflare
  3. Smart DNS
  4. Google Public DNS
  5. Quad9 DNS

Does the PS5 use more WiFi?

PS5 has the Wi-Fi 6 standard, which is also known as the fasted and powerful module which can support up to 9.6 Gbps and this is 15 times faster than normal Wi-Fi 4 standard speed.

So, yes it uses more Wi-Fi Gbps compare to old version like PS4 and PS4 Pro.


It is almost fixed that the PSN servers will be too crowded once the PS5 releases.

2 million consoles have already been pre-ordered and the number will only increase.

So, if you want to download and play games on your new PS5, there are two things that you are going to need.

First, you will be needing a fast enough internet connection (more than 20 Mbps) and you will also need a good DNS server. You can definitely use the DNS servers that we have reviewed here.

These Servers will definitely work and yeah, if you know any other DNS server with similar trust and connectivity features, you should give them a try as well.

Our main goal is to have a reliable connection to the PSN at good enough speeds!


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