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Fix PS4 NW-31205-1 error code [Fixed]

Does your PS4 flash you with the NW-31205-1  error code when you are trying to connect to the internet? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Today we are going to be explaining this error code and provide you an in-depth fix tutorial that you can follow without any problems. There are many popular and working methods to fix this error. This error message comes with a message saying “unable to connect to the internet” and it is a general network issue that can occur.

PS4 Error Code NW-31295-0


Sometimes, the message will be ‘The PS4 cannot connect to the PSN servers” in which case there could a server issue. Anyway, there are a huge number of ways that the internet can break. So, fixing it requires you to take a look at your connection from top to bottom and then use your head to exactly see what’s wrong.

Reasons for the NW-31205-1 Error Code

Faulty Connection Method

If you are using wi-fi and you see the connection error, try switching to an ethernet cable and if you are using the ethernet cable, do the vice versa. Do this to see if the fault lies in the connection method. Maybe your ethernet cable is too bad or your wi-fi isn’t working for some reason.

PS4 connection errors

Sometimes the PS4 will act out and not connect to a network because of many reasons. These reasons include a faulty system update in the system or perhaps faulty hardware. You can always check the PS4 connection with another network just to see if the problem lies with your network or not. Resetting the PS4 and the router could fix this issue.  You can also reset all the network config settings and connect the PS4 again.

Fixes for the NW-31205-1  Error Code

Fix 1: Trivial Fixes

These are some of the common fixes regardless of the reasons. These fixes can really work for you if you don’t have any idea what the error is about. The fixes are listed below:

  • Sometimes all your network speed might be hogged by other devices. Disconnect all other devices or wait until they are finished and only then, connect the PS4 system. This might fix the issue for you.
  • Make sure you have a fast enough connection for the PS4. A connection speed of more than 10 Mbps is needed for the PS4 to function properly.
  • Reset your wi-fi by powering off the router and then powering it up again. If this doesn’t work then, hard reset your router by hitting the reset button on the router for around 30 seconds.
  • Contact your ISP and tell them to update the router or the router firmware if you are using a very old kind of router. Use the current standard for better performance.
  • In case of a wi-fi connection, place the PS4 and your router close together and ensure that there are no obstacles between them. The distance between the devices can drastically impact the speed and reliability of the connection. So, it is important to have a good connection.

Fix 2: Check for the router’s content filtering

Sometimes you can accidentally block a certain server from the router. You or your ISP can do it and when you do this the NW-31205-1  error is quite obvious in the PS4. The port numbers that are used by the PSN servers are given below. You have to make sure that your ISP or your router hasn’t blocked these port numbers. If they have blocked these port numbers, tell them to unblock them. The port numbers are:

  •   TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
  •   UDP: 3478, 3479

Fix 3: Change the DNS settings

Often times the real reason behind this error could be a bad DNS setting. To fix the DNS setting follow the instruction below:

  • If you are using a DNS server, Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Custom and change the DNS settings to automatic. This will clear your custom DNS settings and revert it back to normal.
  • But if you want to use another DNS then, go ahead. Enter the primary and secondary DNS to get the job done.

dns setting PS4 Error Code NW-31295-0

If this fix also doesn’t work and you are still facing the problem then, it could mean only one thing. The problem lies in the server-side of things. The fix for it is just patience. Wait till the server comes back on. You can go to the PSN support page to see if the servers are down or not. Most of the time the servers go to the maintenance phase and they can be out for quite some time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the NW-31205-1  error code fixable?

Yes, the error code is definitely fixable.

Could the NW-31205-1  error occur because of bad ports on the router?

Yes, if you are using an ethernet cable and it works perfectly on the Wi-fi then either you cable or your router’s port is to be blamed.

How to prevent the NW-31205-1  error code?

Well honestly, you cannot prevent this error code.  The only thing that you can possibly do is get a fast enough internet connection and troubleshoot when the error finally occurs. Network errors are inevitable, you will get one no matter what.

Why does the PS4 need faster internet?

The PS4 is a modern console with game sizes that can go up to 100 GB. The console also has to connect to the internet for various online purposes and even a simple game patch has a size of 2-5 GB. So, even if you own a disk of a game, you need to download some data in the console. And also, if you want to play multiplayer, it becomes even more crucial that you get fast internet. This is why you need a very fast internet connection for today’s consoles.


There you have it guys. Our solutions to the NW-31205-1 error code. These solutions might do the job for you. If not then, do try some other methods such as resetting the console to it’s default settings or even better, try to rebuild the database. These are some secondary fixes that essentially fixes most of the problems with the console. So, yeah if our primary fixes are unable to fix the NW-31205-1  error code for you then, try these as well!


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