How to fix PS4 frozen Step By Step Fix 2021?

If you are a PlayStation 4 player one of the worst situations that you can find yourself in is when the PS4 is unresponsive. A ‘frozen’ PS4 will not let you play games and it can be quite annoying. You can also get some error codes when your PS4 is frozen. Fixing the PS4 is not very difficult unless the console has a hardware issue.

In this guide, you will find everything you need for fixing the ps4 froze issue and get your PS4 back to normal.  This guide is applicable to all the PS4 consoles i.e. the original PS4, the PS4 Pro, and the PS4 slim. But before going on in the actual fix, let us first see the reasons that cause the PS4 to freeze all the time.

Situations of freezing

ps4 froze

While Playing Games

If the PS4 is freezing while you are playing a game then the problem could be with that game. But if it is freezing in every game then, the problem could be in the CPU and this is a hardware problem. If this is the case then, you are in trouble!

Freezes on Home Screen

When the PS4 is freezing in the home screen or the home screen takes a lot of time to load, the problem could be because of an unsuccessful update or a corrupted installation.

Slows down and then freezes

If your PS4 slows down before actually freezing then the problem is with your PS4’s operating system. This problem is pretty easy to resolve though.

Reasons for PS4 freezing

ps4 freezing fix

Most of the time a freezing PS4 is a software issue and not really a hardware one. So, fixing it is also pretty easier. You don’t need to get a hardware replacement. There are many logical errors that cause these errors. Some of the reasons are given below:

Corrupted Installation

The issue is sometimes the reason for bad game installation. When your games are not installed in a proper manner you can see this error and the only thing to do in these situations would be to just uninstall the games and reinstall them again.

Incompatible software version

When your PS4 works seamlessly and you update it, the PS4 could stop working properly. Apps would stop freezing and a new update could even make things worse. If this the case with you, you better uninstall the update.

Conflicted Programs

When you install different apps, they can conflict and cause your PS4 to freeze. You may have an installed game that is not compatible with the one you have installed already. This will cause the program to be incompatible with an already installed one and this can cause the error. You simply need to uninstall the previous versions of the games to resolve program conflicts.

Incomplete Updates

This is the main reason for the PS4 freezing error. If you have tried to update the PS4 and the PS4 is running slow, it could be because of an update that wasn’t installed properly. You can simply try to update the software again.

How to Fix for the frozen PS4

Sony’s official website has released the fix for a frozen PS4 and this fix will work no matter what the reason is. We have explained the fix below:

  • The first thing that you need to do is close all the applications properly and clear all the notifications.
  • Now turn off the console and unplug it too. Wait for around 5 minutes and then plug the system back in again.
  • This is called a power cycle fix and it fixes the issue with the actual Power that goes into the PS4. This fix can pretty much solve the issue.
  • If the fix doesn’t work then, you can start your PS4 in safe mode and then try to build the database.
  • You can also try initializing the PS4.


The PS4’s freezing issue is quite common and the way to fix it is also pretty easy. Most of the time the issue is because of the bad software and this can be solved in no time. Very rarely though, the problem is there with the actual hardware.

And if this is the case, you should definitely go to the service center and claim your warranty! In case of software issues though, a simple power cycle reset would definitely fix your problems.

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