Fix PS4 CE-34788-0 Error Code [Fixed]

Update errors are nothing new in the PS4. Almost everyone who owns a PS4 will face an update error at least once.  Most of these errors occur when you are trying to update the PS4 software.

The CE-34788-0 is one such error code that occurs when you are trying to update the system. The error message will say that the file you are using is not valid and will tell you to retry.

This is very annoying and the error just keeps ongoing. Sometimes the error can be fixed very easily. You can simply re-download the PS4 system software update file and you are good to go. But if you are not this lucky, you need to try some other methods for fixing the error.

There are many reasons for this error. When you are updating the PS4 manually, the number of mistakes you can make is more. It is a bit difficult than the automatic update method. You can definitely follow the fixes laid out in this article and try to fix the CE-34788-0 error code.

Ce-34788-0 error fix

Reasons for the CE-34788-0 Error Code

Corrupted Update file

If you were downloading the update file and suddenly the internet disconnected and it came back again to complete the download. Now, you might think that the download was smooth but that is not the case, because of the interruption, the download will still count as being corrupted and this will cause the error.

Wrong File

If you are trying to do a manual update then, you need to get the correct file.  If you get a wrong update patch file then, the error is quite inevitable. If that is the case, only a fresh reinstall of the PS4 system will get you the fix.  Make sure you have downloaded the correct update file before you update the system.

Interrupted Installation

If the installation is interrupted because of some factors such as power and bad internet, then the error can occur as well. Make sure you update the console without any interruption.

Defective USB Storage Device

If your USB device is defective or if the PS4 doesn’t support the USB device then this can also cause the error. Check the USB device for any faults on your computer.

File System and Path

Always format your USB devices to the FAT file system. PS4 doesn’t support NTFS. Also, make sure that the path is right. The update file must be inside the “UPDATE” folder in the USB device.

Fixes for the CE-34788-0 Error code

From a very simple fix to a very difficult one, the CE-34788-0 has some impressive fixes. Some of the are explained below:

Fix 1: Use Automatic Update

If the manual update isn’t working for you then just find a place with a reliable internet connection and perform the automatic update. Go to your friend’s or relative’s house and find a spot for it.

Fix 2: Make sure you properly download and copy the file

This is the only fix if you insist on doing the manual update. Just make sure you follow the instructions like you are supposed to. Download the files properly and always make sure you don’t have any interruptions while you are installing the files. Always copy the file in the appropriate folder, the name of the folder should be UPDATE.

Fix 3: Use the correct file system

Always use the FAT or ex-FAT file systems in the USB device. Never use the NTFS one. You can use the quick format option and set the allocation unit to default while formatting the USB device. You can use a USB 2.0 drive or a 3.0 drive.

Fix 4: Rebuild Database

rebuild data base safely

If the reason behind the error is frequent power cuts during the installation process, then the fix is to rebuild the database. Simply restart the PS4, boot it in safe mode, and just go to the rebuild database option. Just hit the power button for 7 seconds and you will be booted in the safe mode. And then go to the rebuild database option to perform the rebuild.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a manual update?

Manual Update is the process of updating the system in a manual manner. You have to download the update file yourself, flash the file in a USB device and then try to update from it.

Is the Automatic Update better than a manual update?

If you have a reliable internet connection then yes, an Automatic update is way better than the manual one. But if you don’t have a speedy connection, stick to the manual update.

 Will Rebuilding the database fix the CE-34788-0 error?

Yes, it can fix this error if the reason behind the error is an interrupted power supply.

Are every USB flash drives supported in the PS4?

No, the USB drive must be at least of the USB 2.0 standard. As far as the size is concerned, 4 GB is minimum.

Why are there so many update errors in the PS4?

In case of automatic updates, your internet connection is to blame. Not only this, even the PS servers are not able to handle the traffic when a major update release so, the blame goes both ways. In the case of manual updates, there are many things that can go wrong so, the errors are also pretty rampant.

How to check if your USB device is faulty?

Simply connect the USB device to your computer and do a virus scan for malware.  Now, see if the device works properly on your computer. If everything checks out then, quickly format the USB device with the FAT file system and you should be good to go.


Well, the PS4 has a knack of frustrating the customers with the seemingly endless barrage of update errors. They never seem to stop, do they? But yeah, most of the errors are there because we are careless with the system.

This is why it is very important to have a good internet connection for the PS4. This will just fix most of your update error issues.

But if you do insist on performing the manual update then, you should be extra careful. Many things can go wrong. Follow the fixes that we have provided you here and you should be fine.