Easy Fix for SKSE64 not working (Quick Guide)

Even in 2020, Skyrim is one of the most popular RPG games that gamers play. This is mainly because of the vast open world of the game and the inclusion of mods. You can add many different mods to the game and make it better with every mod.

There is a problem with the game mod though. The Skyrim Script Extender Tool 64 i.e. SKSE64 is pretty buggy. This is a mod tool used for creating very great mods in the Skyrim Special Edition game.

The mod is infamous for it’s bugs and issues but it is also popular because it adds some nice extra content to the game. The mod also performs great and yes, there are certain issues that can occur. Today, we are going to be fixing this issue so, let us get started.

Why is SKSE not working?

There are three main reasons why SKSE64 is not working in your system. They are:

  • Your Operating System is not fresh enough. The files are corrupted and you need a fresh reboot to clear the cache and run the app.
  • Your Antivirus and Firewall programs are trying to stop the application from running on your system.
  • The Mod file itself is corrupted or there is some installation issue with the mod.

How to Fix SKSE64 Not Working Issue

If your SKSE64 application doesn’t start to work, there are a few fixes for it. Let us delve into it.

Fix 1: Reinstall/Restart

The first fix is to simply reinstall the mod and see if it works. Often the problem is with a bad installation of the mod. When you have reinstalled the mod and it still doesn’t work, the next thing that you’d want to do is restart your PC. A good reboot will clear all the cache and this could fix the issue too. A restart will refresh the OS and remove all the temporary data, the RAM will also be cleared and the app can run in this fresh environment.

Fix 2: Grant firewall access

One main reason why the problem of SKSE64 occurs is the firewall. You will need to make sure that the app has proper access beyond the firewall. To do this on a Windows computer, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Start Menu and search for the “Settings” option in the search bar.
  • Open the settings menu and inside it click on the “Updates & Security” option.
  • Go to the ‘Windows Security’ tab present in the left of the window.
  • Now, simply click on the “Firewall & Network Protection” option.
  • Choose the “Allow an application through firewall” option and then click on the “Change Settings” option. This will grant the app the necessary permissions.
  • You can now select the Skyrim app and all the Skyrim related apps and allow it through Public and Private networks. Allow Steam through the firewall as well. Now, click on Ok to run the game.

Fix 3: Turn off the antivirus

Sometimes the Antivirus on your computer will mistake the app for a virus and then block it. You need to disable the antivirus in such a situation. To disable the antivirus, you can simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to the start menu navigate to the Windows Security option. Follow the sequence: Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security.
  • Inside the Windows Security tab, open the Virus & threat protection option and then click on Manage settings
  • You can see Real-time protection in the first option there. Switch it off. And that’s it. Your issue should be fixed now.

Fix 4: Controlled Folder Access

If disabling your antivirus doesn’t work, it is mainly because the SKSE64 file is already under quarantine. You need to let the folder of your mod access the system. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  • On the Start Menu, click on the “Settings” icon.
  • When you are inside the settings, click on the “Updates & Security” panel.
  • Now, Select the “Windows Security” tab from the left section. You can see virus and threat protection inside it.
  • Follow the sequence: Virus and Threat Protections > Manage Settings > Exclusions > Add or Remove an Exclusion
  • Now, click on the Add an Exclusion option and then select the ‘Folder’ tab.
  • The final thing you need to do is add the Skyrim’s mod folder in it and that’s about it. Problem solved.


The SKSE64 is a great mod for both new and old Skyrim players. The mod adds better gameplay, graphics, and just a sense of freedom that you wouldn’t really get from the base game.

The mod is pretty hard to run in a Windows system though. You need to let it pass different security checks like Antiviruses and firewalls.

Also, make sure to install the mod properly. If the problem is still not fixed, follow the steps in this article. You can also try reinstalling the app and see if that works. Anyway, the problem is definitely fixable as it is just a software issue.

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