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Hashtab Free Download & Reviews 2021

Hashtab is an operating system extension that can be used to calculate the hash values of the file. Hash values are needed to confirm the security of a file and Hashtab can help you out in this regard.

There are many hashing algorithms such as SHA, MD5, Whirlpool, etc. Hashtag supports most of these hashing algorithms and can hash almost any file that you download you can use Hashtab as a windows shell extension or on Mac Finder.

If you are a computer geek who wants to verify every downloaded file’s integrity, Hashtab is for you.

How to use Hashtab?

Using HashTab is pretty easy if you know what you are doing. Here is a simple tutorial for it.

  • Go to Hashtab’s official page and download the appropriate version for your machine. You can use the software for free in Windows but you have to pay for the mac version.
  • When you have downloaded the exe, simply install it by following the on-screen commands.
  • Once you have installed the file, the next step is to just check the hashes of your files. Simply select the file you want to check the has for, right-click on it and go to properties.
  • Under the properties menu, you can see the “File Hashes” option. There are two zones here. The top zone will show you the hash values of the selected hashes. There is an option link present here that allows the user to change the selected hash as well.
  • The bottom zone of the tab will provide you a comparison feature. This feature allows you to compare it with all the selected hashes. A green tick will be given if a corresponding match is found. Otherwise, the tick is red.

Features of Hashtab

There are two main features of Hashtab, they are given below:

Hashtag provides you with a feature to Display the hashes of a file in a clear way. So, if you are a programmer, a network specialist, or a system admin, this feature will be helpful to you. You can find out hashes in a much efficient way. This is also helpful for general people who just want to check the integrity of the file and then bl0ck any files that they think can be harmful to their system.

Another great feature of Hashtab is that it helps to compare the files. You can compare two files and see their hashes to determine where they have been used. If the files have the same hash, there is a green mark else, the mark is red. Comparing hashes can be an important task while you are programming an application.

System Requirements of Hashtab

  • CPU: Intel Pentium/Core i-3 and above
  • RAM: 4 GB (Minimum)
  • HDD: 1 GB (maximum)
  • Graphics Card: Not required
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (free version) and macOS (paid version only)


Hashtab is one of the coolest programs out there for programmers. It is a tool that will help you get to compare and check files for integrity. Oftentimes, your computer installs files that are harmful and even your Antivirus software will not be able to detect them.

If you install Hashtag, you can easily check this manually. And since the program is completely free, you have nothing to lose. There is sad news for macOS owners though, you need to pay a nominal fee to get this application on Apple computers. Visit the download link here.

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