Fixed: Ad-blocks not working on Twitch Fixing

Twitch is one of the go-to game streaming services on the internet. It is a site that houses a lot of world-famous game streamers and viewers. The website is pretty great, to be honest. It has a very good design, an interface that is easy to understand, and the video playbacks are great too. One thing that really makes the experience a bit bad is the ads though.

One or two ads are understandable but when you bombarded with ads, it can be pretty annoying. This is the reason why so many people use Ad-block extensions on chrome to block the Twitch Ads. But the people working for twitch are smart too, they keep on using new ways to feed us ads and unblock their ads.

Today we are going to be providing you some ways using which you can re-block the ads on twitch. We don’t guarantee if these methods will work or not. Twitch is always finding new ways to push ads for the viewers so, fingers crossed! Let us begin.

How to block ads on Twitch?

adblock not working on twitch

Use Other Ad-Block extensions for Twitch

As we discussed earlier, you can use google chrome extensions for blocking ads.  But which extension to use? You can use any ad block extensions but we have collected three extensions which we feel are the best. They are:

Ublock Origin – This browser-based extension is one of the best extensions for twitch. It provides efficient blocking with very low resources. The extension has many filters that can block advertisements and even malware. There are also ways of creating your own filters from host files which are pretty cool. The best thing about this ad block extension is that it is completely free and you can use it in almost all your browsers.

Ghostery Ghostery is an ad-block software that is almost professional. You can view trackers to the website with Ghostery and then block ads that you don’t want to see. There are added security features and the extension can also make you anonymous while browsing the web. All of these features are pretty great but there is one flaw of this extension, the free version has only basic features. More advanced options will require you to get a 5 dollars a month subscription which is a bummer. It also has an iOS and Android app though so, if you decide to get a subscription, you can use the extension in all your devices.

Proper Blocker – Proper Blocker is free software that can block every kind of ads ranging from pop-ups, overlays, scroll pop-ups, and stuff.  You can see your blocking stats and you can also block most of the background apps with minimal impact. The only thing really bad about this ad blocker is that it is a chrome exclusive. You can’t use it if you are on Firefox or Opera. It works pretty great on twitch though, you can block almost all the ads on twitch using this ad blocker.

Use Alternate Players for Twitch

If ad blocks are not working for you, give Alternate players a try. Alternate players are some other players that mimic the interface of twitch, they stream all the twitch content but they don’t push ads. They can pretty great but some of them just don’t work at all. Here are two alternate twitch players that you should use:

Turbo Twitch

turbo twitch

Turbo Twitch is a great web player for twitch. It provides an ad-free experience on twitch and has faster streaming. The streaming has no latency and all of the features of twitch work seamlessly. You can use twitch emojis, chat badges, and everything that you see on the main site. It also prioritizes customers and provides you great customer service. The only downside is that you don’t get this service for free. You need to dish out 9 dollars a month to enjoy the service. If you don’t want to pay though, take a look at the next Alternate Player!

Alternate Player for Twitch – The “Alternate Player for twitch” is the original alternate player. It was released way back in the days and it has a ton of features. Features like instant replay and seamless playback are there and you get it for free. It removes the ads from Twitch and it takes less RAM than the original twitch website.

There are also a ton of custom options here.  But since this player is free, there are issues with it. The service is not optimized for phones and tablets or even touch screen laptops. It has a latency of 5 seconds which is just bad. And there is no data security here, you are open to hackers if you use this player. Still, it is pretty worth the risk. After all, you get the service for free!

What to do if the ad is still not blocked?

If you have tried everything above and the ads are still coming on Twitch,  you can do the following things:

  • First of all, delete your browser cache and history, Reinstall the players and also reinstall the extensions.
  • The next thing you can do is switch to a different browser. The four best browsers are Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Switch between these and see which one works the best for you.
  • You can go to your browser’s advanced settings and reset the network proxy option to ‘Disabled’ and then restart the browser. This trick can fix the problem for you.
  • The next thing to make sure is that your ad-block extension or software (in the case of smartphones) is updated. You don’t want an older version of ad block running.
  • If you are using a paid adblocker, see if the subscription is paid or not. Also, don’t forget to actually open and run the extension.


We can all agree that ads are just very annoying when all you want to do is watch a video. Still, Twitch tries to push their ads all the time and this can be quite a letdown. Thankfully, we have got some of the best ad blockers and alternative twitch players that can help us get rid of these ads. You can use the ad blockers that we have mentioned and they will help you out with blocking the ads on twitch. Also, if there is any problem refer to the things that we talked about in this article.