What is FileRepMalware and Should You Remove it?

Many Users have had the problem with malware that was detected by their 3rd party antivirus software. The malware is named FileRepMalware and is a security threat. This threat can be seen in major operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and even Windows 10.

The virus is mainly seen in the third party Antivirus programs such as Eset Node, Avast, and even AVG.

Today we will be providing detailed information on the FileRepMalware and the possible solutions for fixing this dreaded malware. So, let us begin.


What is FileRepMalware?

As we said earlier, FileRepMalware is a malware tag that many antivirus programs give to an infected file. The actual malware is because of the KMS crack software that is used for activating Windows. This malware threat has been there for many years now, it has had different names over the years.

In the case of Avast, the antivirus program will name the infected file as FileRepMalware if the file is not added to the antivirus cleaner, the file isn’t that famous (few downloads or not launched after being downloaded) or if the file is not signed by any publisher.

There is another naming that Avast uses which is called DomainRepMalware but for this name, a fourth condition needs to be fulfilled which is the domain should not be prevalent enough. That is to say, the domain doesn’t have many visitors. If the threat is indeed real, the FileRepMalware is one of the most dangerous malware out of the bunch.

How is malware like FileRepMalware get installed?

How is malware like FileRepMalware get installed

Nine out of 10 times, potentially unwanted programs such as FileRepMalware is installed because of bundling. Bundling is an advertisement trick that these programs use to infect your computer. Most people aren’t that tech-savvy so they can carelessly provide permission for this malware to install on your computer.

In a stealthy manner, a third party application will be installed. If you want to install something like a Media Player and if you are not careful, you might end up installing another program that has malware. Free applications earn money from the bundled application and they will hide these bundled apps inside the custom or advanced settings of the installation process.

This is a very fraudulent activity but this software gets away with it anyway. So, always make sure to check all the options and disable the installation of any other application when you are installing a said software.

How to avoid malware on a computer?

To avoid malware and potentially unwanted programs, you need to be very careful while you are browsing the internet. Be extra careful while downloading and installing software. There is a lot of unwanted malware out there that can just swoop into your system and make your computer slow and even get them to stop running.

Sometimes, you can get a lot of programs that install in your computer, and web browsers will open automatically. You will get all types of unrecognizable apps and browser extension installed and no, things don’t end here.

When you click something on a browser, it will redirect you to gambling and adult websites. If you face these things then, you are already infected by malware and you need to reinstall windows. As far as avoiding malware go, just be very careful when you are browsing the internet.

Should you remove the FileRepMalware?

should you remove FileRepMalware

Is that even a question? Of course, you should remove the virus. While most of the time the FileRepMalware is just a false alarm, other times it can be pretty serious. You can always do a virus scan of the file to determine whether the threat is false positive or not.

And then you can take appropriate measures to either clean or delete the file. You need a security scanner for it.  But which virus scanner should you use? Well, we think that Malwarebytes is one of the most reliable security scanning software on a computer that you can use to separate the false alarm from the real deal.

How to remove the FileRepMalware?

If the virus scan reveals that the file is very false positive i.e. there is no actual malware then, you need to upgrade your antivirus software to the latest version. This could potentially fix the file but most of the time third-party antivirus software update automatically. Still, it’s always safe to update.

Updating the antivirus software could help you remove the FileRepMalware malware in no time.

The last resort removal of the FileRepMalware is to uninstall the third-party antivirus program and update the windows defender

. It could take time but once the Windows defender is updated, it can remove any malware from your computer. Windows Defender is actually the best antivirus software for your windows computer and you shouldn’t really waste your time downloading and installing third-party antivirus software.

While uninstalling the third-party antivirus software, make sure you remove every single thing, do not just delete folders, properly uninstall them!

we recommend using malware bytes.


The FileRepMalware is a pretty common malware problem that you can face if you use third-party antivirus programs or have been recklessly downloading and installing software. Avoiding it is quite easy, just don’t use third-party antivirus software like Avast and AVG. Windows already has a powerful antivirus software in Windows Defender, just make sure Windows Defender is updated. Also, check your browsing pattern.

Be careful while installing software and you should be fine. If you do have malware already installed on your system then the only thing you can possibly do is remove it with Windows Defender. But if the malware is a pretty strong one, you’d need to format the system and reinstall windows.