Should I Play Genshin Impact? 5 Reasons To Play it

I’m not sure what’s going on with video games these days. It seems like every game has microtransactions and a multiplayer component. I know that some people love these features, but personally, I used to enjoy playing through the campaign without having to spend money or interact with other players.

when I heard about Genshin Impact, it piqued my interest! This game is a single-player RPG where you have full control over your character and their actions!

4 Reasons to play Genshin Impact

Here is a quick overview of why should you play this game:

  • No microtransactions or multiplayer
  • Turn-based combat that is strategic and different each time!
  • You can learn new skills as your character levels up, but you also get to choose how they level up!
  • It’s an easy game to pick up because the tutorial takes you through all of the things that you need to know about the game!
  • It has a very different story than other RPGs that I have played, which was refreshing.

1. This Game is Free to Play!

Free to download, play, and enjoy.

You do have the option to buy certain things in-game with real money such as currency packs that help you level up faster or different outfits for your character. But these are optional purchases that I found myself not needing because of how enjoyable this game is on its own!

2. Unique characters & combat system

I love the fact that you can create your character! You can choose to have a human, elf, orc, darkling or something else entirely. The combat system in this game is one of my favorites because I really like being able to control how quickly and precisely I want my attacks going! It also has an auto-targeting system that makes it so much easier to attack. Overall, I think this game is a really good one!

3. Save Points

I really like how you can save at any time if you want to take a break, or if you need to leave the game for some reason. I find that this is really comforting because it means I can stop at any time and come back later without losing anything. I also like how there are save points in dungeons! This makes going through them so much easier than other games where they only have one saveable point and it’s only halfway through the dungeon.

4. Open World

This game has a vast open world, and all the different terrains make it feel really fresh. The world is beautifully designed with tons of large areas to explore. The fresh environment and awesome graphics have made me want to explore every nook and cranny.

One of the other things I really like about this game is that you can go in whatever direction you want without worrying about running into a loading screen or being blocked by invisible walls. This means there are no limits on where your adventures can take you!

I love the feeling of exploring new worlds and going on adventures with my friends while also leveling up my character through combat and quests. There are tons of different places to visit in Genshin Impact and there’s always something new to do.

Should I Play Genshin Impact? The Benefits of the Game

Genshin Impact is an amazing single-player RPG with all of the features you could want in an RPG! If you’re looking for an easy pickup and play experience this may be the game for you.

What I love the most about this game is the story. The game tells the story of a girl named Rei who is attempting to save her kingdom, but can only do so with your help! I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes games like Diablo or Path of Exile. This game will be the perfect addition to your collection if you’re into this kind of stuff.

Should I play Genshin Impact on PC, console, or mobile?

There is no doubt with higher hardware specs you will get good Fps and graphics but if you don’t care about texture, graphics, and Fps and love to enjoy the story then there will be no difference in which device you play. Whether you play on pc console or mobile you will enjoy the game but if you want better graphics and fps I would suggest you go for pc or console.

Should I play Genshin Impact in English or Japanese?

Genshin Impact was originally released in the Chinese language but has a different dubbed version. The Japanese version is fine with English subtitles but if you really care about the conversion language i would suggest go for the Chinese language because it was an original and the lip-syncing is perfect in the Chinese version.

Should I play Genshin Impact with a controller?

For a better experience, I would suggest you play with a controller because it will have a better control option over the map, customization, and maximize comfort. But in the end, it’s all about preference how you enjoy the game most.

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