Best And Fastest Dns Servers For Ps4 2021 [Updated]

fastest dns server

Multiplayer games have become widely popular these days. To play a multiplayer game without any connection issues, you need a good internet connection obviously. But that could also not work sometimes. Even if you have the best internet connection, using the wrong DNS servers for your gaming console can be problematic. It can crush your …

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Best DACs Under $500 in 2021

Best DACs Under $500

There has been a global transition from analog to digital platforms in the music industry. The sound input-output devices have changed over the years and there has been quite a revolution in this industry. To handle this change, Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) were invented and they provide good conversion between two signals. The conversion …

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Quick Fix Bluetooth Mouse Not Working on Windows

bluetooth mouse not working

Bluetooth mouse is one of the most important accessories in a computer. If you have a Linux or a Windows computer, you can easily connect a Bluetooth mouse. PC computers need a Bluetooth dongle for making the connection while Laptops can connect with their inbuilt Bluetooth feature. Anyway, a Bluetooth mouse can provide you a …

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